animals have been killed for food
this year in Australia

Annual Animal Slaughter Stats

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Number of animals killed for food in Australia since you visited this page.

1.7 million

Number of live sheep exported from Australia in 2017. 12,000 died in transit--many from heat exhaution.

Live Animal Export Statistics (2017)

25 x 25 cm(16 per m2)

Average amount of space afforded to each chicken on free range Australian factory farms.

Farm Design on Australian Farms (2017)

6,800 litres

Amount of water used to produce one pound of beef. Equivalent to 7 years of drinking water for the average person.

Ecosystems. 2002

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Questions and Answers

Billions of intelligent animals, capable of feeling fear and pain, suffer in the dark without sympathy or compassion at a scale that is hard to imagine.

How many animals are killed for food in Australia each year?

According to data provided by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 711 million land animals were slaughtered for food in Australia in 2017.

In addition, roughly 5% of farmed land animals die before slaughter. Inclusive of these deaths, Australian industrial farming claimed the lives of approximately 746 million land animals in 2017.

Marine animal deaths are challenging to calculate since these lives are measured in tonnes. Exclusive of bycatch and feed fish, the Australian food supply included 396 million fish and 3.8 billion shellfish (see reference section for details).

Taken together, more than 4.9 billion land and sea animals are killed annually to support Australia's food supply.

I like eating meat. Can I still help?

If you're not ready to go vegan, you can still save animals without dramatically changing your diet. Here are a few completely effortless ways that you can make a big difference:

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